Appraisal Policy

The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center is unable to provide monetary value appraisals of materials offered as gifts, brought in for identification, or submitted for any other purpose. The Internal Revenue Service regards museums as interested parties and appraisals prepared by them for gifts that they receive are subject to question. Consequently, to protect both its donors and itself, the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center can not appraise artifacts. When an appraisal is used for tax or insurance purposes, an appraiser must be prepared to defend his or her appraisal in court. You should expect to pay an appraisal fee unless materials are subsequently purchased by the appraiser.

Similar considerations apply when appraisals are requested for reasons not connected with gifts and tax deductions. Accurate establishment of a price can be a complex procedure, requiring a time-consuming search in auction records and price guides that we are unable to undertake. Appraisers in your area can be located by checking the telephone directory under headings such as "Appraiser" and "Antique-Dealers."