Collecting Scope

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Items That Support MTCC’s Mission

The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center is a history museum. MTCC does not collect archeological materials or natural history specimens unless they are directly related to Arkansas's African American history.

A number of criteria determine whether an object is accepted into the collection of the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center. This criterion includes:

  • condition of the object(s)
  • provenance of the object(s)
  • title/ownership of the object(s)
  • price of the object(s)
  • whether or not a similar object is already in the collection

Two additional criteria – geographical and temporal – also play a role in determining whether or not MTCC staff will accept an object.


The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center will seek object(s) from all 75 Arkansas counties that have an African American connection. MTCC will seek items from outside of Arkansas that meet the following criteria:

  • Artifacts made in Arkansas by or for the use of African Americans
  • Artifacts made or created by an African American Arkansan (whether living in state or not)
  • Artifacts owned by an African American who lived in Arkansas and was owned/used during the time the individual lived in Arkansas
  • Artifacts assigned or assumed cultural identity (dolls, printed material, etc.) directly related to African Americans in Arkansas (limited to made and used in Arkansas).
  • Artifacts that highlight or promote better understanding of race issues and the complexity of inter and extra-racial relations (i.e. artifacts made and used by non African Americans or made and used by African Americans that impart racial identity).


The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center collects objects from 1870 to the present. MTCC reserves the right to collect objects made/created prior to 1870.